Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lets talk about foundation baby!

Soo I have been wanting to start this blog for well...going on forever now, and have had such a busy past few months. I recently had my beautiful baby girl 3 months ago, so I am adjusting to new mommy-hood, but I really am hoping to start writing in this blog religiously; so just bear with me here ladies :) 

But anyways...... let's talk about foundation! I have the WORST time finding a foundation that really works for me, and I honestly feel like I have tried every single thing out there. I have very dry skin which is finally starting to go back to normal post- baby so thank God for that! So if you're like me, and have dry skin but can't seem to find a foundation that works for you, keep on reading!... I do know that with having drier than average skin I want/need something that has more of a wet/dewy/satiny finish, with decent coverage (since I do have some redness on my cheeks/!), and preferably that will last all day 'cause I don't have time to keep reapplying...I mean, who does? I also know that because I have dry skin my best bet for moisturizing foundations are the ones made for older skin, these foundations are generally made to hide imperfections like wrinkles so they usually have light reflecting properties in them which is what I like to give that dewy sheen finish, and they're usually packed with lotions and moisturizers.... which is a great benefit :) So the hunt begins for a good foundation, and I'm browsing around and come across L'Oreal's VisibleLift Repair Absolute compact foundation, it's said I purchased two different shades, 125 nude beige that matches my skin & 139 honey beige to contour with, because I like to contour with a darker foundation, I think it looks more natural rather than a powder bronzer- especially since I don't find bronzers to be very natural or flattering on my skin since I have a lot lighter of a complexion than normal since having my daughter. Obviously, as I'm sure you've noticed I'm a bit of a rambler...so onto the actual review of this foundation!


What I absolutely LOVE about this foundation!
♡ It has such a dewy, silky flawless finish! I seriously always get complimented and asked what foundation I'm wearing when I use this!
♡ Consistency! I'm big on texture and hate nothing more than to have my face feel sticky from a foundation, esp since I live in Florida where it's very humid and my makeup can wear and turn runny very quickly! On your skin, this is very lightweight and silky, feels like there is nothing on my face while I'm wearing it, and never looks cakey; ever!
♡ Easy and quick to apply, dip it in and go! Plus you don't need much at all! (I apply mine with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush)
♡ The coloring of the foundation is perfect, I find it harder to find matches in the more pale drugstore foundations, they are either too yellow or pink or dark
♡ You get a lot of product for the price, plus the price is pretty fair ($11.99 for one, and the second was on clearance for $3.58 at Target..score!)
♡ Very moisturizing, and does NOT accentuate dry skin patches! YAY! :)
♡ Can be combined with setting powder, and will not look cakey if using a powder with it!
♡ It's both a concealer and foundation, leaving a completely flawless complexion
♡ It has great things in it for your skin to prevent aging, which is always a plus, at any age ;) It has pro-retinolA, SPF 16, hyaluronic, and pro-lastyl!
♡ I would definitely repurchase this!

What I don't like.....
♥ It can crease under eyes & on eyelids if too much is applied
♥ It tends to run during the humidity :( like I said above, I live in one of the most humid states, (Florida), so know that this might not apply to you!
♥ This foundation has a tendency to border the line of greasy instead of "dewy". I'm sure you all know that there is a very fine line when it comes to the dewy- wet- sexy skin look, and easily many products can say they give you the look but end up too wet and runny, or will make my skin look almost greasy...and since I have dry skin I can only imagine if someone with oily skin would look like?!!And I think this also goes hand in hand with the climate I live in and if you use too much of it, which is very easy to do because if you're like me and need to go over certain spots with a second "coat" OR because it is very hard to pick up this product with your fingers, I just dip my brush into it once and have enough product for almost my entire face! So be careful too much of this isn't pretty! Though, I should also mention, I don't set my foundation with powder, I have tried setting this foundation with a powder though to see what it was like and it does hold & wear better, but I'm not one for the matte look. But Also please keep that in mind that what works for me, might not for you and vise versa, because I do like this foundation and think it has a lot of great qualities!
♥ This foundation doesn't layer well. What I mean by this is, when I pick out foundation I will get 2 different colors one to match my skin tone and one to contour with (I mentioned this above I believe so I wont go too in-depth about it) but I like to apply one layer of just foundation to cover my red cheeks, and then make my contouring lines using the darker foundation; to define my cheek bones, jaw line, forehead, nose, chin, ect (leave a comment below if you want me to explain how to contour correctly and what to use- I LOVE contouring!), and then blend them out with real techniques expert face brush- and what I've found is that whenever I apply the darker color on top of the first original shade, it takes the bottom layer off completely, leaving bare skin...I've never had a foundation do this, it's so weird!! but the best way I can describe it is a dry erase marker when you write on the board the first time writing it's perfect and then when you miss a spot and go over it, it erases the good part too... kind of a sucky analogy, sorry :-(
♥ This isn't really a "don't like" but keep in mind when purchasing this foundation it does come with a sponge to use, but I would personally not recommend using it. In doing so, the sponge will soak up and waste more of the foundation that is actually applied, and does not give a good finish. This foundation will need to be picked up with a brush or other applicator because your fingers will not work, I feel like I can rub my finger around and around in the foundation and still only have a tiny amount on my hand, but if I dip my brush in it and swirl it around once is enough for almost my entire face, weird! Idk! >.<

I will definitely post before and after pictures later!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to read my review on L'Oreal's VisibleLift Compact crème foundation! Please comment if you have a question/or would like me to do a tutorial or review on a product/or just to chit chat, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. You should stock up if you love it. I think it is being discontinued because I saw it on clearance at Target.